Step 3: Notice to Leasing Company

After completing Steps 1 and 2, it is your responsibility to ask the leasing company (lessor) to choose whether to have the manufacturer repurchase or replace the vehicle.

The leasing company is the owner of your leased vehicle.  It is the person or institution from whom you are leasing the vehicle and, generally, to whom you make your payments.  You should refer to the lease agreement or your current payment records (if they are different, use the most recent information) for the lessor's name and address. 

You may use the Request to Leasing Company to Elect Replacement or Repurchase form, or you may write a letter to the leasing company requesting that it choose (elect) either replacement or repurchase of the vehicle.  The letter should include:

  • Your contact information (address and phone numbers);
  • The vehicle make, model, year and identification number (VIN);
  • The fact that the vehicle is leased;
  • The date the vehicle was originally delivered to you;
  • The current odometer reading;
  • The nature of the defect; and
  • Your request for the leasing company to elect whether the manufacturer should replace or repurchase your vehicle.

You should send the original of your request form or letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the leasing company.  Remember to keep the returned green receipt with your records.  After the leasing company receives the request for an election, it has 30 days to elect either repurchase or replacement.  Remember that, as the owner of the vehicle, the leasing company is allowed, but not required, to make an election.  Thereafter, you as the lessee are bound by any election the leasing company has made.


   What to Do Next

After 30 days, whether the leasing company has made an election or not, you may continue to Step 4