Consumer Advisory Board

The Consumer Advisory Board assists the Administrator of the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) in an advisory capacity.  The Board makes recommendations concerning the improvement of Georgia’s consumer programs, elimination of duplicative services, and needed consumer protection legislation.

The Governor appoints the 15 members of the Board for three-year terms, with at least one member representing each of the Congressional districts.  In addition to the 15 members, OCP's Administrator serves as an ex-officio member, participating in the meetings by virtue of his office, but not voting on any matter.

The current members of the Consumer Advisory Board are:

  • David F. Addleton
  • Cecil A. Bonner
  • Carl Cansino
  • Robert W. Doll
  • P. Mitch Everett
  • Patricia V. Geisinger
  • Larry Hutcheson
  • J. Clifford McCurry 
  • R. Wayne McGuinty, Jr.
  • Alisande Osuch
  • E. Lelon Pickard, Jr. 
  • Ben Satterfield
  • S. Michael Sullivan
  • Daniel J. Waltz
  • L. Anthony Waters


The next Board meeting is scheduled for April 28, 2015.